"Extravergine" Restaurant

Enjoy selected local products from us in an exclusive context

Cuisine and typical products

0 km, sustainability, organic raw materials, heritage of Tuscan excellence.

The concept is the one of sustainability and having km 0 and organic primary ingredients inherited from Tuscany tradition.
Our restaurant wants to transmit best values of this land together with tradition and an home feeling welcome.
You will experience an ancient taste who will change in its flavors according to season. Yes because at Extravergine we follow seasons as nature and inhabitants do. The natural passage of times is so important and true in this Unesco Heritage land, Val d’Orcia. The kitchen is always searching for what is more pure in this generous land.

Conviviality and sociability

our trademark

You will soon discover that Extravergine is the ideal place for tasty breakfast, delicious lunches or breaks after a walk with the horse or the bike, light lunch during meetings and team buildings, exclusive aperitifs and elegant country-chic dinners. Extravergine is also a place where enjoy a lounge area outdoor, a wonderful view while sipping your drink.

Riccardo Benvenuti

Ristorante Extravergine chef consultant

Riccardo Benvenuti's passion comes from far and it becomes a real mission when he starts to develop his dishes with culinary excellencies, traditional products, cereals, oil and local products.
His continuous desire for knowledge and improvement and his ability to experiment with cooking techniques are 2 peculiarities of Riccardo. Dishes are always characterized for stylistic cleanliness, contrasts in perfect balance between acidity, sweetness and flavor.
Today, Riccardo is at the top of the culinary offer of Umbria region with the award for the best gastronomic experience of the year.
Talent and inspiration, technique and tenacity are the distinctive elements of Riccardo Benvenuti, the Umbrian chef who over the years has been able, thanks to his peculiad Kitchen Coordinator. rities, to earn a place in the sun at the top of the region's culinary offer. Today he is Chef and Lecturer at the Università Dei Sapori an

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